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Industrial Automation Consulting

Manufacturing companies manage a range of decisions on a daily basis. We help you in the decision process to balance technical realities with financial targets and make the right choice to improve your place in the market.  Our customers benefit from our professional automation consulting when reviewing the manufacturing process to determine: 

  • How can we improve our process?
  • Is there a cheaper way to make this?
  • Should we automate?
  • How can we expand?
  • How can we do more?

You know your products and processes. We know automation and manufacturing. Let us consult with your team to bring resources and expertise to improve your operation.  Whether you’re a startup company or an established manufacturer embarking on a new product development, your path from prototype to production will greatly improve by enlisting expertise beyond your own.  Our accumulated experience across projects, technologies, and industries is a resource for you.

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
We understand that maintaining your production goals requires proper preventive maintenance.  Don't let your manufacturing assets deteriorate.  At DynaRobot, we offer services to periodically service your equipment.  

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Built to Print Systems
DynaRobot has diverse expertise in codeveloping automation systems to reduce manufacturing costs and speed time-to-market for our clients.  Our continued involvement and utilization of the latest technologies in instrumentation,  mechatronics, robotics, vision systems, etc. allow us to offer modernization recommendations.    OEM manufacturing and repetitive build of subcomponents are functions that are outsourced globally. This helps to allow companies to focus on their core business. Trusting your partner in this effort is crucial.   DynaRobot leverages our manufacturing capabilities to provide this peace of mind and operate as your Strategic Outsourcing Partner.  Some of the highlights of DynaRobot's Build-To-Print offering:

  • Product development and design engineering,
  • Proof of Process and Prototyping
  • In-house quality control
  • 1st Article and BOM Validation
  • Assembly, wiring, and logistics.
  • Run-off and validation
  • On-site Commissioning

Robotic and Mechatronic System Design

We have experience in a variety of robotic applications and related technologies like:

  • Machine and Press Tending
  • Palletizing
  • Automated Assembly
  • Arc Welding, Steel, Aluminum, Inconel.
  • Conveyor Tracking Welding
  • Laser Seam Finding
  • Vision Systems
  • Laser Welding
  • Inspection Systems

End-Of-Arm-Tool Design
We have an extensive library of part holding solutions. Let us help you with the design and manufacturing of you end of arm tool. Bring your sample and we will help you find an answer.

Aluminum Extrusion Enclosures
Need a safety enclosure or custom work bench.  We can fabricate it or kit it for you.  We work with Parker IPS, Robotunits, and 80/20 extrusion profile and stock a large quantity of accessories.  

CNC Gantry Load/Unload Robot Transport Unit 
Don't sacrifice the limited floorspace and access in front of your CNC for a machine tending robot.  Get the robot out of the way for those small batches by mounting it on one of our CNC Gantry robot transport units.